Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dear friends in Christ,

The website of Holy Cross parish has been updated with even more helpful information, and I invite you to visit it. I want to especially direct your attention to the Sidebar where you will find a Letter To An Inquirer. I hope that the other texts found on the Sidebar and throughout the website will be interesting to you as well. The Sidebar also contains a Recommended Reading List. These books will bless you and deepen your spiritual life. I know, because that is what they have done and continue to do for me. 

On our website you will find a link to Fr. Novak’s Blog. On Father Novak’s Blog you will find theological writings, and updates on the life and ministry of Holy Cross parish. My latest post is my take on recent events in Anglicanism titled, Nunc Quo Vadis? - Where Goest Thou Now?

The slideshow on the Photo Gallery page of our website shows the interior of our church, our congregation at worship, the visit of Bishop George of Mayfield (ROCOR) in May of this year and the ordination of our longtime lay reader as an ordained reader.

The News page of our website will update you on upcoming events. 

Holy Cross is a Western Rite parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). Holy Cross parish was received into the Orthodox Church from the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) in June of 2013. Twenty years ago Anglicans made up the second largest number of converts to the Orthodox Church. Today, they may well be the largest. The reception of so many Catholic Anglicans into the Orthodox Church is the fulfillment of the Vision Glorious of the Oxford Movement and has been a tremendous blessing to us. Large numbers of former Anglican clergy are now serving as Orthodox priests, and at least three ROCOR bishops are converts: two from Anglicanism and one from Roman Catholicism. All in all, about one third of the Orthodox clergy in the United States are converts.

Our parish website address is: www.holycrossomaha.net. I hope that you will visit it.

Wishing you every grace and blessing,

Fr. Victor Novak+