Friday, December 15, 2017



With the conversion of Fr. Thomas Janikowski (Diocese of Quincy, ACNA) to the Orthodox Church, Quadcities Anglican Radio has closed down, but Western Rite Radio will be launching very soon! 

WESTERN RITE RADIO is an Internet ministry of the ROCOR Western Rite Communities. It will function much like Ancient Faith Radio which is its inspiration. This will be a huge leap forward in our Work of rebuilding the Western Church and re-evangelizing the post-Christian West. 

Tell everyone you know! Please go to the Western Rite Radio Facebook page, "Like" it, and become a Follower. Help spread the Good News. Share it on your Facebook page. The Orthodox Church is on the move. It is a New Springtime. To God be the glory!

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Remember, Western Rite Radio will be launching soon. It will feed your spirit, bless your soul, encourage you in your discipleship, and will be a wonderful tool for advancing the Work of the Great Commission. It will take our message world-wide!


Our bishop, Metropolitan Hilarion, recently had an insightful interview with the Russian media. He was in Russia earlier this month for the Council of Bishops meeting in Moscow that brought together more than 400 bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate. The Moscow Patriarchate is growing rapidly and now totals some 180 million souls — that is about two and a half times the entire Anglican Communion!

Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about the Council of Bishops meeting, the preaching of Christ in today’s world, on the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and about Orthodox Christians in the United States. The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is made up of Russian emigres and their descendants, along with a very large and growing number of converts.
In the interview Metropolitan Hilarion said, “The Anglican Church has broken apart, and many older clergymen are converting to Orthodoxy. We receive them. We ordain them so that they can serve as Orthodox pastors. Their flocks follow their conversion to Orthodoxy. I constantly get appeals from them, to receive them and ordain them. Of course, we prepare them first. But when we start to work with them, we realize that they have already studied a great deal about Orthodox Christianity.” 

Anglicans are the largest single group of converts to the Orthodox Church in the United States. They are everywhere. There are hundreds of Orthodox clergy in America who are former Anglican clergymen, and they are serving in both the Eastern and Western rites. When I am asked, Where have all of the Catholic Anglicans gone? My answer is always the same: To the Orthodox Church!

You will want to read the whole interview. It is titled, “Our Church is a Family.” Here is the link:

Our Church is indeed a family, and everyone is welcome!