Monday, June 29, 2015


Dear friends in Christ,

Our parish website has been updated! Please look it over, and then send it on to family and friends. The website address is: . A big thank you to our Web-mistress for her good work.

The website is a great outreach and educational tool. Do be sure to visit the Photo Gallery and click Worship at Holy Cross Orthodox Church. Many new photographs have been added to the slideshow. The slideshow will give viewers a feel for what Western Rite worship is like at Holy Cross Orthodox Church. We are a Eucharistic community and the Holy Eucharist is the center and summit of our spiritual life!

The News page has been updated, as has the Calendar page. More helpful information has been added on the About Us page, and a new Welcome letter from me is now on the Home page. On the Sidebar you will find a new article titled, The Good News of Jesus Christ. It is listed second from the top of the Sidebar, just below A Kalendar of the Christian Year, 2015.

Our mission at Holy Cross Orthodox Church is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him, and the fullness of the Apostolic Faith to those who do. For those who do not know Christ, or know about Him but do not know Him, I recommend sharing two articles on the Sidebar: The Good News of Jesus Christ; and Do You Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ? The goal of the Christian life is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and union with God through Jesus Christ our Lord - and that is a very personal relationship indeed! For those who are already following Christ in non-Orthodox churches, I recommend sharing two other articles on the Sidebar: Introducing the New Testament Church; and Letter to an Inquirer.

We are a faithful and friendly church, and we have a place for you!


Fr. Victor+

Fr. Victor Novak
7545 Main Street
Ralston, Nebraska 68127
(402) 573-6558