Thursday, July 27, 2017


As Orthodox Christians we firmly hold that the Orthodox Church is the original Church founded by Jesus Christ himself, and is therefore the One True Church. We also firmly hold that the Orthodox Christian Faith is the One True Faith. In an era of moral and religious relativism, consumerism, and post-truth that values emotional arguments and “sincerely held personal beliefs” over objective facts, this can indeed sound “stubborn and cranky.” But is it? 

On July 26, 2017, Pravmir, a major Orthodox Church news site published an important article called,  Last Men Standing. It was written by a former Roman Catholic who is now an Orthodox Christian. It is an important article, and I think everyone should read it - especially Roman Catholic traditionalists. 

The article begins:

“As a former Roman Catholic, I used to always view the Orthodox with a kind of annoyance at what I termed their ‘crankiness’, their ‘stubborn nature.’ I used to say to myself in frustration, ‘if they would only stop being so thorny towards us, maybe we could have unity’… I formed a crude caricature of the Orthodox as simply a bunch of old cranks sitting about stroking their beards and talking about everyone was heterodox… “

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